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Chenango Web Design was officially created in 2020, but our professionals have been working in the web industries for over a decade!

We specialize in finding ways to rapidly develop website and online marketing tools so you don’t have to pay tons of money for them! Why should we charge $300/m to host a website “just because everyone else is”? We have entered several markets not related to web design and we have always found that by directly correlating the price to the work we always excel above the competition. Our competitors might not like our prices very much, but you sure will!



Most of our websites utilize WordPress. Your customers expect excellence, if your website doesn't load quickly or respond to mobile devices properly then customers will be turned away. We make sure that doesn't happen.


Everyone one of our websites are designed from mobile up. This means that your customers will never be turned away from your website because it loads slow or doesn't work properly on their device.


Our goal is to put you as #1 in your niche in as many search engines as possible. If you're not number one on all search engines then you are missing out on many potential clients.

Digital Marketing

Get noticed online, if your not everywhere then we have failed you. We make sure that all your online presence is as full as possible to pull in any potential customer available.


When a customer sees how pixel-perfect your website is they will know you don't mess around and that you mean business. A sloppy website could mean that your company is sloppy and won't provide a high quality product because if you cut corners with a website than how can they trust you not to cut corners with their service?


We are on stand-by 24/7 if you need any help. Even at 3am if my phone rings, you can bet on me answering it! This kind of service can only be provide by a small town caring business such as Chenango Web Design. You won't reach a random sales rep or customer support agent. You will reach me, Zachary Janczak, the owner. Everytime, all the time.

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C&M Topsoil and Trucking

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Prime Tax Solutions

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TJ’s Lawn Service

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Preston Snowmobile LLC

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Luchs Technology Group

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Chenango Wellness & Recovery

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I always thought getting a website made would not be cost effective for my startup business, but Zach reached out to me via Facebook and offered a deal I couldn't refuse. It has been years since we first sat down to discuss my website plans and I have been grateful he reached out! I didn't realize the power of the web, but now I know its serious. Google rank matters!
TJ's Lawn Service
Chenango Web Designer really took my business to the next level. Every year we see higher percentages of click-throughs for our targeted keywords and it is really driving more customers to our website. Overall, I would say their team was able to build me an amazing website that drives more customers to my business. I am beyond happy with their work.

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