Web Design


Web Design for You

When Chenango Web Design makes your website, we aren’t just making the website for you, we are designing the website for your visitors.

The visitors expect to find something and do something on your site.

You can have the fastest website in the world, but if the retention rate is low, your bounce rate will be high and Google will know this. Thus ranking you lower because Google sees your website as irrelevant and not a website that the searchers want to be on ( since they leave so quickly ).

Web Design for Google Ranking

As previously mentioned, a good website design relys on a good user experience. We factor in several ranking factors when it comes to making a website, a good user experience generally covers a lot of it. For example, a fast website means customers get what Google calls the “first meaningful paint” quickly, this means they aren’t sitting there getting upset that your website takes forever to load! We also make sure that your website looks great on all devices, customers do not like it when they want to check out your services, but have to keep pinching in and out on their device screen to read anything!

You can tell that there is a lot that goes into a Chenango Web Design website. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and have followed along with Google ranking updates to keep our website ahead of the competition.