Website Retheme

Is Your Website Design Not Mobile Friendly?

To find out simply visit your website with a mobile device and see how it looks.

Can you use it easily?

Does everything fit or do you have to swipe side to side to try and see everything?

You NEED a Mobile Friendly Website Design

Everyone and their grand-mothers are using smart phones these days. If someone finds your website either from Facebook or Google, they expect your website to work on their device! If they have to pinch and zoom around the website they may become frustrated and leave without ever reaching the call to actions you have set in your web design. 

Chenango Web Design not only makes mobile friendly websites, but we create call to actions that are specific to the device! This means someone on a mobile device will get directed to call with the click of a button. 

Call Us Anytime

We are available to take you call at any time of any day. Even if its 1AM, go ahead and give us a call. We might not answer, but its always welcome. 

(607) 371-3424

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