Norwich NY, My Home.

Welcome to our website! The date is Jan 7th, 2020 and this business is practically a baby! Even though I have been operating websites for over a decade, I have not offered my services to the public until now. Our prices may be low, but you would NOT believe what I used to charge! My first website for money, when it was more of a hobby, was for $40! I am talking a full on, rank you on Google, with a domain name, keyword targeting and all, FOR $40. I have slowly come to realize my worth in the web design world, but I will continue to offer the businesses of Chenango county affordable website designs and digital marketing services.

Norwich, NY is my home, it may not be the greatest town in the world, it might not even come close, but it is my home and I know every street. I have memories of finding hills to sled down as a kid, I can remember my first kiss on the corner of Front street and Birdsall! The buildings and the people may change, but the memories are forever. I know that Norwich is not a high-income area and I know a lot of people really want to make it and be wealthy, I propose we work together. Together we can work as partners and develop a digital marketing strategy that gets you, new customers!

Lets get started, call today!

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