E-waste Recycling in Norwich NY

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How do I get rid of my old electronics?

Wonder how to get rid of your old electronics?
Does grandma have a dusty computer in the attic?
We offer 100% Free E-Waste Recycling in Norwich NY

E-waste contains several chemicals that hurt the environment, like mercury and lead! Stuff that sounds as bad as it is. When electronics are out or wrongly disposed of these chemicals end up in the air, water, and soil.

Don’t hide your electronics in the trash!
For more information about recycling everything from glass to wet cell batteries check out the county’s page for recycling operations.

We do not stripe metals from the E-waste, instead we “Reduce and Reuse”.
Reduce means cutting back on the amount of trash we generate by not letting this E-waste become “trash”.
Reuse means repairing and reusing the E-waste that otherwise would have been thrown out.

If the E-waste is unable to be saved then the parts will be used to put a different device back into the market!

Text us at 607-371-3424 if you have any laptops, desktops, or smartphones.

The hard drive / SSD can be removed on request for free and or wiped clean and reused.

ewaste recycling in norwich ny